Batch # 1146

Roast Date: 2013-03-02
Roasted On: The Colonel
Roasted By: Bill
Type: Single Origin

Los Papales Pacamara

This rare micro-lot pacamara from Nicaragua is Rainforest Alliance Certified. Huge coffee beans are a trait of the pacamara varietal. This particular pacamara was grown on a micro-lot at the Los Papales farm. The micro-lot was setup to grow the largest pacamaras possible. Make sure to compare the size of this coffee with the others! The Los Papales farm is part of the Angelina Estate which has won the Cup of Excellence award on many occasions. This coffee lives up to that heritage.

Species: Arabica
Varietal: Pacamara
Processing: Wet Milled
Country: Nicaragua
Region: Jinotega
Farm: Los Papales
Elevation: 1280 to 1450 meters
Harvested: 2011

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