Coffee Subscriptions Going Out

The coffee subscriptions for February are going out!

Kenya Gakuyuni
Batch # 1825

There are many coffee grading systems in use across different countries and regions. In Kenya the highest grade available is 'AA'. So what does 'AA' even mean? Coffee is often graded by bean size. As a general rule of thumb the larger the bean the higher the quality. This is because the larger size is indicative of good growing conditions throughout the season. In Kenya the 'AA' grade is the largest size on the coffee grading scale.

This Kenyan coffee is estate grown, 'AA' graded and cups a sweet citrus taste with a syrupy caramel smooth finish.

Los Papales Pacamara - Nicaragua
Batch # 1821

This rare micro-lot pacamara from Nicaragua is Rainforest Alliance Certified. Huge coffee beans are a trait of the pacamara varietal. This particular pacamara was grown on a micro-lot at the Los Papales farm. The micro-lot was setup to grow the largest pacamaras possible. Make sure to compare the size of this coffee with the others this month! The the Los Papales farm is part of the Angelina Estate which has won the Cup of Excellence award on many occasions. This coffee lives up to that heritage.

Maui Red Catuai
Batch # 1823

From a farm located in the West Maui Mountains and grown under the guidance of owner Kimo Falconer. This coffee is grown overlooking the famous western coast of Maui. Full bodied with great consistency and subtle sweet notes. As an island coffee this tends to have lower acidity than many other beans.

Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Company is a coffee micro-roaster and fine tea purveyor located in the heart of Patchogue on Long Island. The trading company sells coffee direct to customers online, provides full service wholesale accounts on Long Island and operates a cafe in Patchogue.

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Published on Feb 13, 2014 by Evan Closson.