El Diamante

Mountainside farm

El Diamante or The Diamond is a farm located high in the mountains of Jinotega, Nicaragua. The farm is run by Don Francisco del Socorro Salgado Montenegro and his wife Blanca Nieve Lanza Arauz. The coffee they produce on their farm is of exceptionally high quality and they dedicate half of their land to be left in it's natural state in order to protect the spring water that bubbles to the surface.

The farm is located so high above sea level that it greatly affects the harvest time of the coffee crop. This causes the coffee to require harvesting two months after other coffees in Nicaragua because of the colder conditions and excessive cloud cover.

The coffee grown up on the mountain must travel down the steep roads that lead into the valley where it is sun dried. This difficult task is done using an aging pickup truck.

As Don Francisco gains increased earnings through exposing his excellent coffee to the US, he hopes to invest in improving the road down the mountainside and sending his kids to continue their education.

Don Francisco is proud to have his coffee getting roasted in the US and we are proud to be roasting his coffee.