San José

Getting the coffee green beans ready for transport

Situated along the border of the Matagalpa and Jinotega regions of Nicaragua fantastic coffee is grown on Doña Gloria's farm 'San José.' Doña Gloria is one of several women who are part of the coop 'Las Nubes.' The President, Vice President and Treasurer of the 'Las Nubes Cooperative' are all democratically elected women.

The farm is powered by a sustainable energy system that includes a wind turbine and solar panels. The systems parts were transported to the farm with help from Doña Gloria's son who served in Iraq for the United States Army.

The road to the farm is only accessible by foot or horseback. In order to transport the coffee it has to be carried by hand and horse. An old 1989 pickup truck is at least available to take the coffee to the dry mill for processing. Doña Gloria hopes to improve the road to her farm using proceeds from her coffee.

Despite the excellent quality of the coffee grown on her farm, Doña Gloria often must sell to a local buyer due to the difficulty in transporting her coffee. Unfortunately, sometimes local buyers are known to give unfair prices for the beans. With increasing exposure to her beans and improvements in the nearby road, more of her handwork will be able to go to growing her farm and continuing to pursue excellence in her coffee.