Which is Your Dark Roast?

You’ve been asking, so here’s the rundown. Some beans, like the Mexican Oaxaca, naturally have a bold flavor and rich mouthfeel that most people associate with dark roasted coffee. However, your typical dark roast coffee tastes dark because the beans have been charred. Sadly, this method takes away the subtle flavors that make each bean unique.

Think of beans like fine wines, each has it’s own taste profile. One bean may have a hint of fruitiness, another may be acidic or taste like cocoa. When you over roast the bean, these beautiful hints of flavor are replaced by a “dark” taste which is really just an illusion. What you’re actually tasting is a burnt bean.

Here at Roast, the diverse bean profiles are important to us. We want you to experience these coffees like fine wines, enjoying each variation and subtle new flavor. That’s why we roast our beans light to medium. This way, you can experience all of the bean’s natural flavor, not a burnt bean. Don’t worry, many of our beans have the dark mouth feel and rich taste experience you crave. If you’re looking for a dark roast, come on in and ask to try our selection on a drip, that way you can pick a roast whose unique flavors suit you.

Wendy ClossonComment