But What is Honey Processing

Honey processing is the latest and greatest in Costa Rica and the method is spreading all over Central America. It is one of the ways your coffee transforms from coffee cherries, picked straight off the plant, to the dried coffee beans we roast in-store weekly. 
In this method, layers of the coffee cherry are left in place, including the mucilage. This mucilage is a sweet membrane that lies between the cherry fruit and the seed, which we know as a coffee bean. That sweetness has a hint of honey flavor, giving the process it’s name. Honey beans come in different degrees from yellow to black depending on the amount of mucilage left on the bean. Yellow honey processed beans are exposed to the most light in the drying process resulting in a slightly less fruity flavor. Black honey is protected from the light and takes the longest to dry resulting in a fruitier flavor than the lighter honeys. These different methods allow for more variety in flavor and more options for your morning cup of coffee.