July 2018

Roast Nitro Stout is here! Nitro cold brew is like coffee meets a Guinness. Our custom built Keggerator is a work of love and fine brew! Our first batch was a blend of Brazillian and Guatemalan beans. Speaking of Guatemala, have you tried the latest beans we’ve been stocking from the region? The Rainforest Alliance certified bean comes from the northwestern province of Huehuetenango and is nothing short of delicious.

The summer is here and so are our summer specials. In addition to our Nitro Stout, we have some new refreshing options. Our Italian Soda gives you the chance to choose your flavor from any syrup in the shop. Its like a bubbly Italian ice. If you are looking for a latte, go no further than our S’mores Latte. One sip of this and you will be sitting around a campfire singing songs. Rounding out the cool options is our Tumeric Lemonade. This subtle mix of healthy and sweet is sure to make you smile with cheer.

Wendy ClossonComment