Tolimo la Cumbre, Columbia - Organic, Free Trade

These beans are grown in a beautiful region in Columbia. The climate there is considered prime for Arabica growth. After they sprout and grow in the lushious soil of Columbia, the beans are harvested and washed before being set out to dry naturally in the shade protected from the hot Columbian sun. The resulting coffee is a balanced bean with creamy hints of caramel and orange. The rich taste will linger on your tastebuds and brighten your morning.

Ethiopia Washed Yirgacheffe Kochere(E)

We’re not 100% how to pronounce Yirgacheffe Kochere but we do know how to roast it. This flavorful medium roast delivers floral flavors with hints black tea, lemongrass and a note of sweet honey. These beans are naturally dried at high altitudes in the south Ethiopian sun before traveling to our shop to be roasted for your pleasure.

Organic Rwanda Coopac RFA

Reigning from “the country of a thousand hills,” these beans traveled through the mountains of eastern Africa before arriving at your taste buds. They bring with them a taste of rhubarb, a hint of limeade, and a touch of honey to sweeten this medium roast. Grown above the beautiful Lake Kivu, the beans are careful not to pollute their rich environment. Farmers wash these beans in environmentally friendly stations that use the by-products of the coffee’s processing to make fertilizer, allowing nature to return to nature. That makes this coffee even sweeter.

Brazil Mogiana

Grown in volcanic loam soil, this coffee is then naturally processed and dried right on the border of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais in Brazil by family-owned farms. From the rolling hills of Brazil, this coffee is roasted and ground in our shop just for your daily cup of joe. This creamy roast has a hint of cocoa and is a staple in all our blends and espresso for good reason.

Mexican Oaxaca

With a smooth mouthfeel and complex flavor profile, this coffee is a favorite among the baristas. It comes from the sunny southern side of Mexico. Oaxaca, where the beans are grown, is known for its indigenous cultures. The state’s capital city has even been named a world heritage site. The rich culture these beans grew in carries into their flavor. A cup of this coffee holds notes of milk chocolate, almond and just a hint of lemon.

Ethiopian Gera

With a light mouthfeel and hints of vanilla the Ethiopian Gera is a local favorite. These beans come straight from the Ethiopian highlands where they are grown in the shade with no chemical fertilizers or insecticides. Then they are dried on raised beds in the Ethiopian sun on an estate dedicated to sustainability. Owned by a family whose father has been in the business for 30 years, this estate cares about its employees, even providing free education to their children. The sweetness of this coffee comes from more than just the flavors.

Wendy ClossongeraComment
Indian Monsoon Malabar

This coffee was borne of age old tradition. When wooden ships sailed from India to Europe carrying bright green coffee beans, the humid air below deck left the beans a golden yellow when they arrived. Once these beans were made into coffee, the taste was smooth and earthy. Today, this process is alive in a different form. The beans are exposed to the humid air of the Arabian Sea during monsoon season to replicate the process their ancestors underwent and recreate that smooth flavor. Now, recently harvested, we bring these beans to you for a taste of European history.

Ethiopian Natural Sidamo Guji Grade 4

A sip of this medium roasted coffee delivers notes of strawberry and creamy cherry to the tongue. Before being carefully roasted in our shop, the beans come from the Guji area in Southern Ethiopia where they are naturally processed and sun-dried on raised beds. The region is known to produce some spectacular coffees which is why we brought this one to you. 

Organic Bali Blue Moon

These beans are grown in the picturesque Kintamani Highlands on the island of Bali. While surrounded by blue skies and bluer waters, the beans are dried on patios after harvesting. The unique flavor that runs through this full medium roast has hints of licorice, vanilla and dark chocolate. They’ve come in from paradise for your morning cup of pleasure. 

Costa Rica Cumbres del Poas Yellow Honey

Waking up, you’ll want a mug of this medium roast with notes of raspberry jam beautifully paired with hints of blueberry and honey. This small lot of coffee is caringly produced by Dona Francisca and Oscar Chacon, husband and wife, in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica. They are 3rd generation producers with a passion for the environment who were among the first pioneers of natural and honey-processing which cut down their water usage. This coffee is yellow honey processed and dried on their patios in the Costa Rican sun. This unique taste experience will be available in limited quantities through the holiday season.

Kenya AB Nyeri Karogoto

Say that five times fast! The name isn't the only complex thing about these beans. This coffee has an intricate balance of fruit flavors. Just a taste invokes notes of white grapefruit, lime, honey, and wine. Karogoto is a farming community in the Nyeri region in Kenya where locals grow these beans. Some of the best coffee in the country comes out of this region. We hope you’ll enjoy a cup of this extraordinary medium roast coffee that is quickly becoming a house favorite.

Brazil Royal Decaf

Like the Brazil Mogiana, these beans are from the sunny hills of Brazil. Grown in the same area by family-owned farms, this coffee also delivers notes of creamy cocoa but this time, without the caffeine. So if you want a taste of smooth Brazilian roast, without that caffeine kick, we’d love to pour you a cup.