Ginger Tea and the Three Temperatures

Not too hot, not too cold, at Roast coffee we steep your tea juuuust right. When it comes to tea, getting the right temperature water and steeping for the right amount of time is more important than you might think. When a tea is steeped too hot for too long, it could lose it’s flavor and even taste bitter. That’s why our staff are careful to steep your tea just right so you can enjoy the full flavor of your choosing. 

Each tea is steeped differently to ensure full flavor. Black tea, like our Organic Earl Grey, is best when water just below boiling is poured in for just a few minutes. A Green tea likes a quick warm steep, about two minutes at 175ºF. While that is a good time for taste, if you want to max out your antioxidants, ten minutes has been shown to be the way to go. Herbal teas, like our Ginger tea, generally are best steeped boiling for five minutes. Yerba Mate, though, shouldn’t be steeped in water that’s at a full boil. We usually go with the green tea temperature for that brew. 

At Roast, we have over 30 teas to choose from. One of them is just right for you. Come into our shop and find your perfect fit, steeped for it’s perfect flavor.

Wendy ClossonComment